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School is almost over… April 5, 2007

Filed under: college,finals,school — bookwritegirl @ 1:46 pm

I’m feeling some sort of let-down…and school isn’t quite over yet! I thought I was finally getting ahead with homework (yes, I work far ahead), but now all of sudden I have a test every week until finals, when I have more tests…as well as two papers (honors papers, so yes, they’re tougher), but still I feel like I should be doing more work.

Well, I am. We started the university’s first pro-life group on campus just this past week, and we’re super busy getting things in order for our fall shebang. Perhaps that’s why I feel…I don’t know what I feel. I just think I’m supposed to have two or three more months to go, and all of sudden it’s done?! And we’re just getting going with our group!

Well, I have a test tomorrow, that I need to read 5  more chapters and 4 more articles for, and I really should stop procrastinating and get to work. So, ciao.


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