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Philosophy: Descartes May 3, 2007

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I think the biggest difference between the awake and dreaming states is that when you’re awake, you have a sense of linear time. Though time flies, you know it still traveled uniformly in one direction, from morning to evening to morning again. In dreams, we jump around a lot, and though we have some sense of linear time, we don’t really know time itself. That’s why when we had a half an hour to get to class in our dreams, we always get there hours late, because we jumped forward, then we jump back in time again to try to get to class on time the second time around. I have many dreams like these, where I make several attempts until I reach a satisfactory conclusion.So, though we often believe our dreams to be reality at the time, the lack of linear direction causes it to be considered a “dreaming state”.


I’ve had stuff like that too[dreams]…whenever I’m struck by lightning or pounded down by hail, I wake up and I’m tingling all over. And often, I wake up and realize I’m finishing a word out loud. Or screaming. I don’t actually scream when awake, but I can hear it die off (and this is without my hearing aids, so that shows how real it can be).

One time, I had a dream like yours. It wasn’t a demon per se, I can’t remember what it was, but I knew someone was bad. They tried to make me scared enough to listen to them, to do what they said, but also I knew if I said some prayers, I’d be all right. It took a while, too, to say the words, so instead I thought them. I started saying “Our Father” and then sang the Hail Mary song (you know, “quiet light, morning star, shining bright, Gentle Mother, peaceful dove…”). Then I felt braver for standing up to the bad person, to evil, and I wasn’t scared at all of what that person was going to do to me when I stood up for my beliefs and morals. I can’t remember if I died, but I woke up, feeling really peaceful. I felt glad. I haven’t had that dream since.

Anybody else?


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