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Philosophy: James, Russell, Sarte May 3, 2007

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“There’s no multiplicity of gods, all religions follow the same God. Besides, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religions share very similar histories, so why would the Islamic Allah be different from the Christian God, or the Jewish God? That’s why the Bible keeps repeating, “The God of Abraham, the God of Issac, the God of Jacob”. Plus, God has many different names. Allah, God, Yahweh, I AM, etc. etc. So, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. Just because one religion is the one and “true religion” doesn’t mean all other religions go to Hell. We all get full cups of grace in Heaven. It’s the size of the cup that differs, no one religion get’s a cup that’s half full (or half empty). Everybody thinks they’ve got a full cup, so how can they argue? Even Hindu people can go to heaven in Christian views (or at least Catholic views), if they don’t know any better, but were good people on Earth. Unbaptized babies go to Heaven, because they’ve never a chance to learn. (This was a recent change in theology, which goes to show that the Church is not stagnant, as Nietzche paints it to be). It’s the ones who’ve learned and decided against believing that go to Hell, in Church doctrine. So it’s really not a gamble between the multiplicity of religions, it’s a gamble between belief and non-belief, as Pascal originally said.One thought…Can you prove God doesn’t exist any better than we can prove God exists? “


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