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Worries of an honor student May 8, 2007

Filed under: college,school — bookwritegirl @ 1:17 pm

Well, slowly my official grades for the entire semester are being posted online. I’m still waiting for three more classes, but here’s what I have so far…A, A+, A+, A-. Apparently the A- got rid of my 4.0! I’m still disappointed about it. Why don’t they add small points for the A+ if they take away a few points for the A-? I still have a high GPA, but still…I didn’t have a perfect 4.0 in highschool, though it was still quite high. I had only one B the entire four years of high school. This is my first A-. I hope it’s my last. Maybe I’m a perfectionist, a lazy perfectionist. I do the work, I do it well, but I don’t really stress out about it…and now I’m thinking maybe I should have worried. Be a perfectionist through and through. I knew this would happen, after my great first semester. I knew  I’d feel let down, somehow. I guess my new goal should be to avoid any Bs. Get enough As and A+s, and eventually it should practically negate that A-, mathematically. I worry about the rest of my grades, that I’ll get another A-.

 Note to self: Avoid any more A-, and any Bs are discouraged. C and below are completely unacceptable.


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