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Pessimistic? May 31, 2007

Filed under: family,friends,happiness,Identity,joy,sad — bookwritegirl @ 3:23 pm

I was going over some of my previous posts, and I’ve noticed that more than a few of them were rather pessimistic in tone.  That got me thinking. Is my life really that bad that all I have to share are sad? Because, really, the happy and the sad balance each other out to create a joy in being alive. I decided to look for another reason for all the pessimism, and I found it in exterior circumstances, rather than in myself. The world demands that I put on a happy face at all times…for the customers, for my family, for my friends, because none of them really has the time nor the desire to listen to all my deepest desires and feelings. And, who, I ask of you, wants to tell everything to everybody? There goes your reputation!

 Hence, my blog. I can rant and rave to people online, people who I most likely will never meet in real life. Thus, I can let loose my emotions, instead of bottling it up, which tends to explode every now and then, without sacrificing my reputation.

 I apologize that I haven’t written in a while, but the WiFi was down for most of Memorial Day weekend, so I’m just now catching up on my thoughts. I hope you all have enjoyed the weekend (thank goodness for federal holidays!). I know I did. I played with my younger siblings, ate roasted marshmallows, went to Burger King, and didn’t have to work, and put off my homework (yes, I’m taking summer classes). It was an idyllic weekend 🙂


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