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Snowflake Babies August 12, 2007

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I know I’m not married yet. I don’t have a boyfriend. In fact, I’ve never dated. But I often think about what would happen when I got married. I’m casually thinking about the wedding, but am avoiding looking at any bridal magazines because a) it would only depress me and b) it would freak my mom out. (“You’re getting married?!” “No, just looking…”) She would give me a lecture about how marriage takes work and that nobody is perfect, etc etc. I roll my eyes, and kind of resent it since I’ve never dated yet, but a part of me is listening. And that part is worried I won’t be up to par in “working” on my marriage, afraid I’ll fail miserably.

When I get married, I want to have children, lots of children, and homeschool them all. However, I’m afraid I may be infertile. My mom was a bit infertile, needing lots of help to conceive (naturally–we’re Catholics, you know). She did get a large family, but it took a long time. There’s a few things wrong with my system, as far as I can tell from my cycles.

So, I’m quite prepared to adopt–I’m looking forward to it, saving children from foster care (In fact, I’m considering becoming a foster care family). But there’s a whole generation of children that are hidden…these are the frozen excess embryos from IVF, the so-called “snowflake babies”. You see, the Catholic Church hasn’t offered any insight on this issue officially; only a few Catholic people have touched on the issue. Is it moral or is it not? I don’t believe in IVF, which is an unnatural way of making a human…isn’t sex supposed to be fun? (To tell you the truth, I’m terrified of it). Anyway, a child should be made lovingly (in a literal way), and IVF is a cold, sterile environment.

 Is it morally acceptable, or not? After all, these embryos weren’t made in a natural way. But they are still human (“a person’s a person no matter how small”). I believe that we shouldn’t begrudge these children for other people’s errors, the same way we shouldn’t abort children because of a “mistake”. I believe that these children are deserving of a full life, instead of being frozen until the apocolypse or thrown away like trash. I believe we should give them a chance. I would like to adopt the “snowflake babies”, should I be infertile or even merely have trouble conceiving, and be able to give them life. And I sincerely hope that the Church will share my same views, for how could they not?

 Free the Snowflakes! Free the Snowflakes!


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