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FOCUS/CCM September 21, 2007

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I have to say I prefer CCM over FOCUS. (Catholic Campus Ministry vs. Fellowship of Catholic University Students).

 I went to two FOCUS meetings. First time was a long time ago, second time was last night. And I still can’t quite get into it. Not membership-wise, but mentally, you know? I’ve disliked the Pharisees-type people ever since I read that passage for the first time years ago. It’s hard to explain. But while each member of FOCUS individually are nice, when they get into a group like this, then I feel like a stranger. Maybe it’s the preaching. Most likely it’s that. I’ve never liked preaching. FOCUS is a lot like Bible school.

Whereas CCM, I’ve only been to one of their meetings so far, recently. And I love it! It was fun. It wasn’t like “Bible study” at all. I prefer it when people don’t preach/teach but by example. Not by totin’ and quotin’ Bibles. It makes it seem like they’re on shaky ground, and carrying a Bible around gives the illusion of a strong foundation. Dunno if that’s the right view, but it sure seems that way to me.

In CCM, I arrived like two minutes late. (Car trouble that was more like “driver trouble” but that’s another story). And they all welcomed me. There was another new girl there. I misstepped (why am I too honest? I don’t have to divulge all the first time I meet people! Yet it’s my tendency to explain my life on the first meeting. Perhaps I just like to know where people are coming from. But that’s another blog). But they overlooked it. We popped popcorn, talked, drank pop, ate watermelon. We talked for a long time. I felt at ease, whereas in FOCUS I feel like I have to be on guard, maintain a facade. CCM, I could be myself. We watched Freedom Writers, and nobody minded that I wanted the captioning on. We laughed at many of the same spots. It was a very nice fellowship. Not an actual meeting. More like a gathering, as B. said. Maybe that’s the difference.

I hope I can make it back soon! I’m glad they have weekly meetings, and I’m glad I met B in person finally. He’s even better than IM showed. 🙂 ‘Course I’m just thinking, it’s not like anything would come of it, but he’s the first guy whom I think we’d be compatible. I don’t really know, but I just get that impression. I just hope God’ll give me a sign soon. Who am I supposed to marry?! I wish like a banner would come out of heaven or something, but that’s not likely. 😀 Dunno.


One Response to “FOCUS/CCM”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’ve had my own experiences with FOCUS…the organization’s point (Catholic presence on college campuses) is great, but I do believe that there’s something weird going on in terms of implementation.

    P.s. Saw your blog on the CA forums. 🙂

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