Just another weblog pt. 2 September 26, 2007

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Alelluia Alelluia let the holy anthem rise…!

Okay, so last night just as class started (6:30 pm) my purse starts buzzing. Okay, I thought. Mom sent me a txt message. Then it buzzed again. Again. Oh, great. 5 min later, there was a chance to discreetly check it. I recognized the number. It was FertilityCare center. Oh, great. And they left a message. So I kept sitting there in class, thinking come on, let us take a break…come on…about 1 hr 15 min into class, we took a break. So I tried to check my messages. But I could not figure out the darn thing! I kept leaving myself messages while trying to check messages.

Then I got home, and asked my brother to tell me how to retrieve messages. So what did he do? He turned on the speaker phone and retrieved all the messages for me. And when we got to the FertilityCare Center message, he looked at me incredulously. “You called them?” Yes, for women stuff. And he looked at me weird after that. Okay, you know I’m single, I’m morally upright, d’you think I’m doing it just for the heck of it?

So finally I learned how to retreive messages. So I waited until 8 this morning, locked myself into a stall in the women’s bathroom that’s hardly used, and called them. And they answered! She said I was “on the right track” and that “you’d be surprised at how many college students come”. So I’m set up for an introductory session Thursday next week, that’s about an hour long. And if I like it enough, I get a packet to chart my cycles, a whole year’s worth of materials. 30 dollars for the introductory session, 25 for the packet. I’ve got to budget that in. Plus the meetings with the teacher will be 30 dollars each. It’s expensive. But I sincerely hope it works. I’ll just have to buy less stuff. But if you calculate it, the pill is costing 40 a month, so it’ll actually save money in the long run. I hope my parents might be able to help with the costs…maybe. Esp. if I stop the pill. I should be refilling it this week, since it’s the last week in the cycle. But I don’t want to. I’ll ask Mom when I get home.

Anyway, if you call in the morning, it’s not as busy. And when they get back to you, they’re very on top of things and organized and friendly and understanding…they already had a card started for me. And that they’ll definitely be able to treat the cause and she said they won’t put me on the pill…

 Alleuia Alleluia! I’m just happy, and she understood that I just wasn’t satisfied with the pill. 🙂 I really hope it’s worth the cost. 45 dollars the first night, chart for a few months, and go back for 30 dollars…that doesn’t sound so bad. I wonder if they have a college student discount…? that would be nice!

I’ll write about the introductory session soon. 🙂


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