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CrMS intro mtg October 5, 2007

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well, I went to the intro meeting last night. It was really informative…and answered some of my questions about it. I think I was the only single person in the room though. And I wasn’t sure what the other people thought of me when they saw I didn’t have a wedding band…it was kinda disconcerting when the teachers talked about it being a joint effort for couples. (well…what about me? a joint effort with me and myself?) The second teacher did throw in some comments about it being good for medical/health reasons for anybody, and that made me feel better.

The first half was a refresher course in anatomy, and how our bodies are supposed to work. Did you know men are fertile all the time, while women are infertile most of the time? that was interesting to learn…The second half taught about the method. It was a lot of information, but thankfully they gave us a book-et (it’s not a book, and it’s not a booklet, it’s inbetween) that held all the information we learned, for reference. In the second half, they also showed some example charts, and what different characteristics of the cycle means…like infertility, cancer, ovarian cysts, etc.

Plus the great thing is, once they figure out what’s wrong with you, they don’t put the bandaid back on. I was worried about that…I didn’t want to get on the pill again 😛 yuck. (ps. I stopped the pill about two weeks ago, and my appetite went away. Sure, I’ll get hungry, but I don’t have unmanageable cravings anymore 🙂 so hopefully I’ll start losing weight…I look good if I do say so myself!) What they do instead is to treat whatever is askew. Low progesterone? progesterone shots/pills. Etc etc.

So, I’m starting to track today. You check before and after you go to the bathroom, according to the instructions. Then you take the most fertile sign of the day, and put that down on the chart with the little colored stickers, and write the descriptions down. Reminds me of those chore charts I had when I was little. I sincerely hope I figure out why my cycles are so far apart, and some other stuff too.


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