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Gallaudet info stage…waiting… October 9, 2007

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Okay, I finally sent off those emails to the Honors Program at Gallaudet, plus my state’s VR office, to see what they offer. I tried out the SSI screening tool, and it looks like I’m not eligible for benefits, because I have a job, and my deafness isn’t a “severe” kind, I mean, I’m pretty functional. It doesn’t keep me from working. It says to be eligible you’re supposed to have only 40% or less word comprehension (or whatchamatcallit). With my implant alone I get about 60% in moderate noise. With hearing aids I get maybe 80%…it’s been a while since I did my last testing. But if VR says so, I’ll look into SSI more.

 Now, this is just the waiting stage…I got an email back from my school’s Engl. dept, and they were quite sure that my scholarships wouldn’t transfer. And they wanted to make sure I understood that I have to take my “final credits” here in order to graduate. I’m like, I’m only a sophomore! It’s going to be a 5 yr degree! I have  PLENTY of time. (but I didn’t put it like that…). They haven’t answered my question as to how Gally’s engl classes will transfer. *sigh*.

 No info yet from financial aid, the dean’s office, Gally’s admission office (for more info about the visiting student program), VR, Honors prog, etc etc.

I’ve told many people online, but out of all my family members, I’ve only told my brother. And his reaction was, they might not like you because you’re not capital D Deaf. And CIs can be pretty controversial…(he’s taking ASL 1). Other people online expressed concern about Gally’s accreditation status (Gally’s on probation did you know?) and the safety of the area. But they all said it would be an experience, because DC is cool, and that there’s a big Catholic presence in the area. So that’s cool too 🙂

 Will keep you updated…perhaps I didn’t hear anything yesterday because it was a gov’t holiday. (though we still had school). I’m going to ask my ASL teacher today after class, to see what he knows about visiting students. 🙂


3 Responses to “Gallaudet info stage…waiting…”

  1. quixoticdeaf Says:

    Yeah I think the probation thing can be a problem. You may want to look into it as far as – are the classes you’re taking accredited. (i.e. I think right now all the classes are accredited since Gallaudet can get off of probation.) The way I understood it was that because of the recent protests (they didn’t want the president the board picked) there were so many days that Gallaudet was closed and no classes were held (some actually were – like at a prof’s house). So because of the lack of classes, Gallaudet is on probation.

    I think the safety in the area is improving just because they just opened a subway station a few blocks from Gallaudet. When that happens in a neighborhood, the neighborhood naturally gets safer. If you’re still worried, Gallaudet offers a bus to the Union station. Most people move to Gallaudet and stay on campus. I’ve visited and stayed there, but it may be better to talk more with a current student about this.

    I don’t think you would be going there for the English classes. It may be better to take the ASL Classes/deaf culture since that’s what Gallaudet is known for. This way, the English classes you need, you take at your university and you still get the deaf experience at Gallaudet.

    Watch the video of President Davila talk about cochlear implants on my blog. That may give you more of a feel of what it’ll be like, I don’t know. Talking to people who are currently going there will help too.

  2. bookwritegirl Says:

    Ah…I see. It’s too bad the students didn’t realize that by protesting for so long to try to “preserve” Gallaudet, they were inadvertently harming it at the same time. 😦 I have a feeling though that Gallaudet will try to steer clear of controversy for a while 🙂

    Cool, that’s great to know! That’s what I would plan to do, live on campus, because of Campus Security. The bus is like what my univ has as well 🙂 So that’s cool 🙂 My teacher just graduated this spring from Gally, so he probably knows the campus pretty well, but a lot can change between now and then. So, good idea 🙂

    You know, that’s what I was thinking about too. I definitely want to take the Deaf Lit class though, and hopefully ASL Lit and maybe Deaf History as well. But when I finally get a response from them, hopefully between us we’ll figure out a schedule that will benefit me the most 🙂 That way I won’t scare the Engl dept…:D

    I read the text version (it wouldn’t play on my computer for some reason, but I’ll try it again in one of the computer labs). But that was very nice to know 🙂

  3. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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