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updates on some stuff… October 11, 2007

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I was elected Student Senator for my college, with 70% of the votes. Student Senators can plan events in conjunction with other depts. at the school if they’re so inclined, so I’m contemplating (by no means have I decided to do it) on doing an event with the disAbility office, like ASL Awareness Day or something. Any thoughts/tips? Mostly, I want to a) make people aware that being deaf doesn’t mean I need extra time on tests or have to take it in a separate room, etc, like I’ve recently experienced from my professors. They both look at me weird everytime I come into class. I’m not hearing, and yet I’m not deaf, so they don’t really know what to do. And b) I want to drum up interest in ASL as a foreign language at my univ, so that they’ll have to start offering more classes, and perhaps more advanced classes on Deaf subjects. Plus our new chancellor got his PhD in special ed, and once headed up the sign language dept here. So…it’s prime time πŸ™‚ Of course, any thoughts/concerns/suggestions you might have are welcome. If I do this, it will be the same week the DeafNation expo is here.

And on Gallaudet, well, I finally heard from their honors dept. Much faster than anyplace else I’ve emailed. They’re more than willing to have me as an visiting honors student. Geoff’s going to follow up on the admissions dept for me, because he “likes to make the bureaucracy move for people.” How nice πŸ™‚ But he did say that he knew visiting students when he was a student, and they didn’t get any scholarship support from their home institutions.

I hadn’t heard about the financial stuff from my school yet. So I asked the Info Desk where I should start. They didn’t know, but somebody came along and said go to the Registrar. So I did. They didn’t know how to be a visiting student either, and to check with my college or English dept advisor. And they said if my advisor didn’t know either, to come back and they’ll try to help me as best as they can. Great. I already went to my advisor this semster. And I’m sure she won’t know. But hey, I want to go to Gallaudet, so I’ll keep plugging away. If I don’t hear from VR by next week, I’m going to TTY them. “Hey, what’s up? How can I make use of this wonderful resource?”

I guess my ASL teacher had a busy day yesterday. He was going to tally up our grades so we know where we are, but I guess he forgot. That’s okay. I’m not worried, but some students are. I convinced them to give him the weekend, give him the benefit of the doubt. He also forgot to get back to me on the visiting student thingy, but that’s okay too. I’ve got Geoff πŸ™‚ So, it’s starting to work out.

Β No, I didn’t win the lottery, but I’ll buy another ticket tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, my ASL teacher, who’s the co-VP of my city’s Association of the Deaf, he sent an email to all his classes about the game night tomorrow night at their hall. Fun! I wanted to go, so I asked my classmate if we could carpool. Sure, she said, the buddy system. Then I text Mom, do you need me? Nope. Can I go to this thing? Where is it? Near my school, and I’m carpooling. Well, she’s nervous about me carpooling. I thought it would make you feel better! Yes it does, but I’m still nervous. Is this girl okay? Mom! I thought. Yes, she’s good. Dad asked, how old is she? 27. Is she safe? Yes! Where is it exactly? I’ll look it up.

Then they started asking if this would take place of the community interaction req. that I was going to do, the football game at the deaf institution. I don’t know, but I want to go to both. They just sorta started giving me a hard time, but I held on. So apparently I can do both (so far). I think they’re catching on to my enculturation.

Β Well, my mtg’s starting soon, so I have to sign off for now.


4 Responses to “updates on some stuff…”

  1. quixoticdeaf Says:

    That’s awesome that you are a senator! I was one for three years. That was an interesting experience. My proudest moment was when they extended the meeting because there were too many things on the agenda and my interpreters couldn’t stay. With me they met quorum – if they lost me, they would not be able to vote -, and so they were begging me to stay so they could get this vote in. Heck no! I’m not voting for something I don’t hear the whole argument on! I made the school newspaper for that.

    We had a “Deaf World” at our university. People could not communicate using their voice, they had to do other ways of communication. At one booth it was fingerspelling, at another booth it was writing on paper, at another booth it was gesturing. You have to visit each booth in order to be eligible for a drawing for a prize. And there was a cop who would “arrest” people if they talked. The cop would sign and then there would be an interpreter who would whisper in the person’s ear.

    It’s supposed to be a mini “Eyeth”. I hear they do this at a lot of universities. Sometimes people call it “Deaf, Deaf World” (I don’t know why).

    Talk to your ASL prof about what’s going on behind the scenes with ASL classes. Sometimes it can be difficult to expand the program because other languages get jealous of the attention ASL gets (I kid you not). Also, you may have problems with supply and demand. Community colleges usually offer the real deal – cultural classes with all the toppings, so that’s where people go to take it.

    ASL is hugely popular. If you go somewhere and start signing with someone (like a cafeteria or something) that will probably do a lot of “advertising”. People will watch.

  2. bookwritegirl Says:

    That is great! And I’m glad you held your ground πŸ™‚ I hope you kept a copy! So, what did they do? just end the meeting, or did they hire more interpreters?

    Ooohhh…that sounds fun! I’m also hoping we get some good…okay, what do you call Deaf speakers? πŸ˜€ Anyway, we have some great Deaf leaders in the community (at least, great to me), and if I can get them to come in and, um…sign, to the audience and have an interpreter for the hearing, that would also be a turning of the tables πŸ™‚ I’m guessing “Deaf, Deaf World” may be a play on “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”? Probably not, but that was the first thing that came to my mind.

    I will πŸ™‚ And that’s interesting other languages will get jealous…but at least I’ll get people talking. Some don’t even know that most colleges in my univ. will let you take it for your major.

    I’ve been signing here and there, and it’s been interesting already. I’ll talk with somebody, and then I see a classmate and we sign across the room, and then I go back to talking. That seems to be an opening for them to ask me questions..and honestly I don’t mind! I answer them to the best of my ability πŸ™‚

  3. quixoticdeaf Says:

    Yup, I kept it. They had to end the meeting. They couldn’t vote so there wasn’t a point. They were pretty upset about it, but that’s their own fault. Our meetings would start at 7 p.m. and they’re supposed to go until 9 p.m. but sometimes they would keep us as late as 11 p.m. There was kind of the feeling: if you couldn’t stay, you weren’t committed enough.

    We did deaf speakers at our Deaf World. Most of the time they were people telling stories or acting things out. A lot of the skilled ones cost money so we couldn’t bring those people in. The state school for the deaf had a signing choir, I think that was by far the most popular thing that got people who didn’t know a lot about deaf people to stop and watch.

    You’re pretty lucky that your college offers it as a major. I spent my college career trying to add ASL as a class on the curriculum (they dropped it the fall I started school). Now it’s popular like mad and they’re running one prof around doing six classes if not more. It’s interesting that it’s popular because it’s in the extension office and from what I understood was that people have to pay a higher tuition for those classes because the university doesn’t contribute as much as it would for those classes as it does with the rest.

  4. bookwritegirl Says:

    That’s stupid they would want to make you stay…if they really wanted, hire an extra interpreter just in case the mtgs went overtime! There’s incentive to speed things up πŸ˜‰ I just started, but I’m sure there’s a similar feeling in our student senate. Most people are pretty relaxed, but our parlimentarian is a stickler for the rules. So…that’ll be interesting. πŸ˜€

    Cool! I’m going to see if there’s a sign choir nearby (our state’s school for the deaf was shut down about 10 years ago.) But I know my ASL lab teacher would be awesome for telling stories, even in ASL 1 I could understand them! (He used to be a mime). And I know a tour guide for the state’s deaf school musuem would also be great as a speaker. I’m hoping to also use this as a fundraiser of sorts…a suggested donation to help fix up a building so the museum can expand πŸ™‚

    Well, it doesn’t offer it as a pure major, but you can do like Educational Interpreting or Special Ed, and concentrate on Deaf Ed. I probably won’t do that, but I’ll take a lot of the same classes, hopefully. There’s no way I can pass the interpreting exam (though my dad seems to think so).

    Thanks for the info on Deaf World! I’m going to talk with some people, and get some info on it, and when I get the itinerary planned, I’ll post it for critiques πŸ™‚

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