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Just thinking aloud… October 17, 2007

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Admissions finally contacted me (they did it last week, but didn’t answer my question, so I didn’t reply), with an answer, and a promise to help me. So I replied, with about 10 more questions, mostly about finances. So I decided to sketch it out. :


Gallaudet Costs est. for Spring 09, assuming a rate hike. Every school does it every year:

Roundtrip flight: $400

Tuition (1 semester): $6000

Unit fee: $140

Room: $3000

Board: $2000

Health Service Fee: $60

Application: $50

Admission: $50

Registration: $15

Room Deposit: $200

Books: $500

Total: $12,415


Est. Stafford Loan (1 semester): $3,500

Est. Scholaships (1 sem): $1,750

Total: $5,250


12,415 minus 5,250 = $7,165 (That’s if I can make my scholarships apply. Gallaudet bills my school, and my school bills me, so would I technically still be paying my school? I wonder if they’ll pay the difference…)

would VR pay for this? I hope!

 October 17, 2007

Thoughts: Since I’m student senator, my term ends mid October next year. So I can’t really do fall 08 visiting. It would probably be Spring. If I do a Deaf World Day…make it an annual or a semester event…could I do that next spring, and all of the information, would somebody else be able to carry it off without my help? Or maybe I could do the planning long distance; just would need somebody willing to be there for me (unless I could afford plan tickets for that event). Or should I just do it in spring, then again in fall, and thereafter every fall?


Of course, I could look into a summer semester. But that probably wouldn’t have the same flavor, I don’t think.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot Spring 09 will be crazy. Inauguration Ceremony…but that would be awesome!!! to see one in person! Plus by 09 I’ll know whether Gally keeps accreditation status or not, since their probation ends fall 08.


I’m saving up money. So far I’ve saved up over $1000. I’d have to convince Mom and Dad that this is worth delving into savings for. The experience.


I have to see. If I have to wipe out all my savings, then it probably wouldn’t be worth it. I need seed money for the future, for an apt. etc. Loans…eeeh, I’m kinda skittish around them. So far I’ve been paying off the interest each month as it accumulates. I suppose it wouldn’t kill me. I have to take a look at interest rates first. I doubt Gally would pay for some of my school costs. Would they?


Gally Honors would work with me! Plus I’ll bet UNO would count this as a sort of colloquium. Plus Gally offers colloqs. I’m almost done with my honors classes reqs! So I may not have to worry, if I get 6 or 9 next semester. I’m looking into tutoring for ASL, since one of my co-workers is taking it, she wants my help, etc…so that may work?! (Tutoring gets me add’l honors credits).


I’m waiting to hear from VR again, and Admissions. See what they have to say, to help clarify some stuff. I’m glad I started soon, because they both seem kinda slow. Hmm…maybe I can schedule an appt with VR during Thanskgiving week, one of my classes is off entire week instead of only Th and F, I can visit them during that time and be back in time for my night class. I would LOVE it if its true that they help with tuition.


I’m sure Lib will allow me a semester off…after all, they seem to have a need for a deaf outreach prog. The other day one library called, and a co-worker answered it and called me over. She talked on the phone, told me what a patron was signing, and I helped to translate as best as I could. The patron was already gone, but they were curious. I told them next time it’s perfectly fine to use a pen and paper. I love my city, and  I don’t really want to move. Just travel. Besides, I have a dream of making my city like a Midlands Deaf haven, be surrounded by peers in a community of great people in a great city…getting an ASL degree offered at my univ., Deaf day, money to expand our Deaf institution museum, and maybe even reopening our deaf school? Get more theaters to show captioned movies. Really expand things. And the library system would be a good start. I can accomplish great things here. Maybe become mayor. Maybe. Seems like a thankless job, but it might be worth it to get things done.


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