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I’m not technically bored, but I need a break from homework. October 31, 2007

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I’ve got a lot of things on my mind, and I’m just looking to download the info so I can get to sleep!

Well, I was looking into what I mentioned in my previous post, a ASL degree at Gallaudet. According to their course catalog, I can apply for undergrad admission after I have my degree from a different university. When I go this route, I don’t have to bother with the general ed classes, just the major-related ones, so that’s two years! I can actually do a major in ASL and a minor in Deaf Studies in the two years, unless I want to get ambitious again…(which I’ll probably just hold myself back from getting another double-major).

I would be working on my Library Science masters from Mizzou at the same time, since most if not all the classes are totally internet meditated. (Note to self: get more info on this). And while I’m at Gallaudet for two years, I can either or both do an internship at the Library of Congress and work at the Gallaudet Library. The latter would probably suit my goals more.

You see, (if I haven’t explained it already), it seems that many culturally Deaf people don’t read. I mean, I understand that. Their first language is ASL, and it’s hard learning a second language. But I want to change that, and encourage kids (and adults) to read more, and take the time to learn English. Reading opens up a lot of doors! It just over-all brightens your life IMO. So, by taking more time in my studies to better learn ASL, and maybe even working at the Gallaudet Library, would give me great experience for my goal.

 So, looking up all this info, (printing off tons of pages at 3 cents a page) I got really excited. I decided to see if it’s possilble to graduate in 4 years instead of my planned 5. 2010 instead of 2011. So, I added up all the credits of all the classes I have to take to graduate with my double major and it is a total of 92 more credits. And this is accounting for the classes that count for both majors (I didn’t count those classes twice). So, if I take 12 credits each of the next two summers, and 16-19 credits each of the four semesters in the two academic years, then I can graduate in Spring 2010.

Uh….what about my life? I got to thinking. Wait a minute. I wanted to take it easy(ish) so I can get more involved with my city’s Deaf gatherings. So, I’m stuck with 2011. Which is okay…I think. 2nd year senior and all that. Then go to Gally for two years, and graduate there in 2013. (unless I do a double-major there…2014…wait, stop thinking about that!!!) And then see where I am with my masters. I’m not going to kill myself for it. I can get a good job and work toward that degree, if I graduate from that in 2013 too, that’s great!

See, I have a little time to spare. I checked on my Stafford loans, to see when I had to start repaying them. I need a good job base before I start up the montly (scary) payments. Whew! November 11th, 2015. So, if I have to graduate from the masters in 2014, I’ll still be alright. Plus once I’m kicked off my parent’s insurance at age 24 (4 more years) I may then be eligible for SSI, and maybe then VR will help pay for tuition?

But it’s all worth it. See, the East coast has it’s share of Deaf community. The West coast seems like it does too, since DawnSignPress is in California. But what about the middle? It’s kinda sparse. It sounds corny, but I really want to improve the services and community here. We have a smallish community. But if I can get more theaters to have captioning, more companies/schools aware of Deafness, more schools offer ASL classes (or even the degree itself), etc etc. then maybe more Deaf people will move here/stay here, and that in turn would boost the community feeling which in turn will boost more interest…

 Or this may all sound nieve and far too hopeful (as some cynics have actually told me I often sound like), but either way I still want to be librarian for the deaf.

Whew…5-6 more years to go of schooling…good thing I love learning, huh? 🙂


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