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Need a new job…any suggestions? November 9, 2007

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Well, I love my job working in the library, shelving/checking in books. But I simply don’t make enough money. Just enough monthly for half of my car, all the insurance, and all the gas (currently my dad is paying the other half since he uses it sometimes). I had planned relatively conservative, and figured I’d have left over money every month that I would sock away for living on my own or for Gallaudet.

But, it’s a mixed blessing lately. I’ve been invited to meet with the state university president. Not campus president, note. university-wide president. At his house. For either my leadership or scholarship (or both?) I’m not sure which. So I asked off for that. I asked off for the KC student government conference. Plus the library is closed holidays. And the way my library system is set up, if you ask off, you usually get it off, but there’s not much flexibility. If you ask off, you’re off. You can’t work, say, Monday nights and make up for a Sunday of work lost. So, I’m not making as much money as I had planned. I have a good cushion right now, about 4,200 dollars, so it’ll last me for a little while. And I don’t have to worry about tuition or books next semester….all that’s covered by financial aid (scholarships + loan).

But 6.70 an hour is simply not enough. I won’t be getting another raise until (est.) Oct or Nov next year. Maybe even later. I will be getting a second summer job. Perhaps third, if it’s possible for me to do that and take summer classes. We’ll see. I have a  tendency to “punish” myself; my eyes are bigger than my schedule. Spring will be grueling, 19 credits, 3 hrs a week teaching sign language to kids, plus activities, plus work. But all the honors I’ve been getting are cutting into work hours!

I also want to move to the dorms sometime soon…maybe in the fall when the new dorm complex opens? Hopefully I can become RA…(free room and board!) However, I would need a car to go to and from work, a car all my own. If that means Dad doesn’t want to help pay for it, I’d be paying about…oh, say, 350 a month on insurance and payments. Add 100 for gas. 450. If I’m not RA, then I’d need food (I’d just take out a loan for the room). Say 100 a month. And money for hearing aid/cochlear implant batteries (200 a year). And incidentials, say another 100 dollars a month will cover everything from doctors to dates.

Whoa. It’s expensive. Not to mention I need to buy more assistive listening devices (eg, smoke alarms) before I move out. I keep thinking that perhaps if I didn’t need to worry about hearing aids and the like, then I could skimp more. However, that’s the way things are.

I wouldn’t mind taking out loans, but the terms of my bank’s student loans specifies repayment starting 6 months after graduation. Graduation from where? If I go directly from my school to Gallaudet and grad school, would I still be considered to be in colllege? Or would I be stuck paying the loans while going to two schools in another state? I’m looking for an email address so I can ask the bank. (Any insights here would be helpful…how did it work for you? Did graduation mean final graduation, as from grad school or something?)

And I’d prefer to keep loans for school costs, like room, board, and books, since interest is so high. I’d pay the car and incidentials with my wages. So, if I work 20 hrs a week, and need to spend about 600 a month (on the high side). um…not going to happen. Where would I find a 30 dollar an hour job? Okay, say I spend about 400 a month. 20 an hour. Um…that probably won’t happen either. Okay, even 10 to 15 to 18.75 an hour would be awesome. Plus I’d work extra during summer to save up for the rest of the year.

So, do you know any jobs that deaf people can do that make that much money? My mom’s thought (I was speaking in hypothetical, so she volunteered ideas) was a sort of deaf telemarketing or deaf receptionist or something. Like for a hotel, if they have a TTY line, I’d staff that line. That would be awesome! Or even a VP, but I’m not quite good enough for that. Not for a couple more years. But I don’t know where to start.

I’m not in any emergency. It just would be nice if I had it by next fall, maybe. Preferably starting this summer, so I could learn how to work for whomever it is. So, for now I’m keeping my eyes open for any possibilities. Any ideas would be welcome!

I love writing, reading, editing, drawing, and the like. I wouldn’t mind working with Deaf people or through the internet. I’d like steady, yet flexible hours that I could work around honors and such. It needs to pay more than 7.50 an hour, if possible, with plenty of opportunities to increase that amt.

In the meantime I’m also casually buying lotto tickets…just in case 🙂


4 Responses to “Need a new job…any suggestions?”

  1. me Says:

    See… this is where you screw yourself with your attitude. Why do you think, “what jobs could a deaf person do?” Just look for a job you think you’d like and let them accommodate you, if necessary. Why don’t you look for a job on campus? They have to pay better than what you’re making. It’s barely minimum wage. And if you move into a dorm, it’s the university’s responsibility to put in fire alrms for you. It’s not your responsibility. I pretty much laughed at your idea to be a tty telemarketer. Yeah, right. First of all, there’s no real way of knowing if someone has a tty. And most deaf people don’t even use TTYs anymore — they all use VPs. Practicing signing with your hearing friends isn’t exactly the same as signing with a wide range of deaf people. Exactly what do you think you’d do when you said you’d like to work with deaf people? Deaf people do all kinds of jobs.
    Why do you think you’d be hired for an RA job? You have zero experience living on your own, yet you want to be responsible for a whole group of students? Do you think you’re qualified? Don’t you think you should have dorm experience before you want to supervise others?

  2. bookwritegirl Says:

    That’s because I don’t know very many deaf people. I am actively working on this part, however, attending state and city-wide events. The reason for my pessimism is because I was strugging at my first job as a waitress. Yes, a waitress. I had to call in sick many times because of migraines, of trying to hear in a noisy environment. It was the only place that would hire me at the time, so I had jumped at the chance, then swung up to a better job. But yes, you;re right, I should take more of a “take charge” attittude. It’s something I need to work at.

    It is barely minimum wage, however campus jobs are very competitive. But I am actually looking into that, like an opening at the univ. library or something. A friend referred me to a large retail company near campus, whose starting wage is 8.70 for cashier. So I may try that this summer, then switch it over in the fall if I enjoy it enough. . I mean, screw my resume. I need the money.

    It was an idea, that I knew probably wouldn’t happen, being a tty telemarketer. 🙂 But yeah, I really had no idea. I was casting around for leads, but like you said, deaf people do all kinds of jobs. I need to keep that in mind.

    No idea here either, for RA. I was a pipe dream. Like winning the lottery.

    Thanks for the uplifting comment 🙂

  3. me Says:

    And if you really think “the comments don’t mean anything” then why even read them? Why even permit comments? Maybe I shouldn’t waste my time even answering your questions.

  4. bookwritegirl Says:

    ‘Cause I believe in free speech. 🙂

    I agree with most of your comments, though. Some of them I take with a grain of salt or a shifted perspective, just because, you know, this is the world wide web, and you could be just anybody, one out of however many billions have access to the internet.

    I mean, that’s why I’m writing this blog. I can be just anybody, anybody I wanted to be. Despite the temptation to reinvent myself on the web, I’m resisting it because I want to be true to myself in at least some part of my life. I have “good bookwritegirl” around my parents “fun bookwritegirl” around my friends, “sarcastic humor bookwritegirl” on paper/computer among other “personas”, each representing a part of myself. I’m using this blog as a vehicle to unite all of these sides under one heading, albeitly anonymously.

    I want to let you know I appreciate your comments, but if you don’t want to comment any more, then I completely understand, and it was nice meeting you. 🙂

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