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Dualistic nature… November 11, 2007

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Man, it’s weird. Here I am, on the verge of the entire Deaf culture (learning ASL, going to Deaf gatherings, got the videophone, etc) I am also becoming more “hearing”.

I just discovered music.

Yes, I know, I knew music existed. And that I liked some of them, but my tastes were very very limited, mostly limited to songs I had memorized at least 2 verses to. Music was just a minor annoyance at best, and at the very worst, it was played at full blast in social situations…need I say more? It was just noise to me. I didn’t understand it yet.

But guess what? I went to see Across the Universe. What an amazing movie. Though the middle was a bit weird. And I fell in love with it. And with the soundtrack; a friend copied it over  for me and I’ve been listening to it. And I realized…I’m not limited in music areas after all. My fear of music was mostly a conditioned response from having only hearing aids all these years, then I got my implant, and gradually it improves every single day, even now, 2 1/2 yrs later. The movie I could understand say, 70% of the dialogue, which is a HUGE deal. Usually I get closer to 40% or even less.

Anyway, I had told my friends that I was eager to learn more music (yes, I learn, not listen to it…it takes work to understand this new language). And they’ve given me suggestions…one friend told me about the music videos, which also has lyrics so I can understand it better. I’ve listened to/seen/read Carrie Underwood’s “So Small”, and plan to listen to more. I’m excited!

Here I am, strengthening my ties to Earth, at the same time I’m finding my footing in Eyeth. Wonderful, wonderful! At first I was going to say it was a schizophrenic feeling, but that wouldn’t be the proper use of that word…I’m not losing track of reality (though I do get a bit flighty at times). The better term is “dualism”. I have these two halves of myself, and I’m going to make an effort to strike an even balance, to make both sides strong alike, as my martial arts self defense instructor says. You have to exercise both sides to balance yourself.

What a breakthrough in thinking. Sounds stupid, I know. But even the smallest step toward “enlightenment” (I use that term loosely) is a big deal.

 I’ll be among the minority of people at Gallaudet, those who listen to music. 🙂


4 Responses to “Dualistic nature…”

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  2. quixoticdeaf Says:

    You would be surprised at how many deaf people listen to music. I don’t think the majority of deaf people are profoundly deaf. I once staffed a deaf camp and I was really shocked how many had their CD players with them. I remember when I was a camper too, it was not uncommon to have a CD player… you just crank it all the way up 🙂

    I went to another camp where they had this dance at the end of the whole thing, they would bring out these huge speakers and really turn the volume it all the way up. I found that it was easier to enjoy it with my hearing aids off. I pity the hearing counselors though.

    Cool about the music thing! I usually just google the lyrics and match up the lyrics with the speech I pick out.

  3. me Says:

    You shouldn’t make assumptions about something you know nothing about. MANY Gallaudet students listen to music. MANY have iPods. MANY have stereos in their dorm rooms. No Gallaudet party happens without a DJ and blasting music.

  4. bookwritegirl Says:

    I am surprised…thanks for the correction, you guys! (that’s too true…already I have my volume high in my car I had to tune it down becuase my rearview mirrow was shaking too badly)

    Sounds like a Catch 22 but I made assumptions based on what little I saw. All the deaf people I knew didn’t listen to music, so I extrapolated, which i know I shouldn’t. But hey, I’m learning 🙂

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