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Cool D-PAN video November 25, 2007

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Yeah, yeah, I was bored (even though I had a lot of homework still to do…) So I found this music video a week or so ago.

I loved it, and I now love the song! I turned up the volume so I could hear it fully and feel it. I showed it to my friends in ASL class and they loved it…I had intended only to show it to them, but then my teacher came in and ended up seeing it for himself, and he really enjoyed it. And all the little factoids and mini-videos were really eye opening, some for me, a lot for my friends. I was able to find an article about the police shooting the deaf guy holding a rake, and that was sad!

However, I have not been able to find any info about the judge screaming at the deaf guy. You can see it at about 1:11. So, if anybody knows info about this, or a link to the article or full video (I’ll get my friends to interpret for me) that would be awesome!

Anyway, I’m eagerly waiting for D-PAN to come out with more videos 🙂

And now I’ll try to get back to work. I need to sleep tonight. I bet many of you  could tell I was not thinking all that clearly last night. Sleep deprivation takes a toll on people. At least it was just the misspellings of a few words, plus an online rant. At least I didn’t rant in person. Just getting it out of my system (plus the comments) allowed me to actually take a step back and evaluate things. So, thanks for bearing with me. I’m surprised I haven’t scared all my readers away by now.


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