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Expensive lesson January 18, 2008

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Yep. Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written about my foray into CrMS. I was sick of taking the pill, sick of the weight gain, and sick of my irregular cycles. So…after research I had decided to try them out, because “everybody said” that it’s affordable and natural and that “you’d be surprised at how many college students” use this system too, though they’re not active. So, I had researched, and it seemed on surface to be affordable.

Um. No.

Got a preliminary bill from the insurance about a month ago. Over $100 due. It was just a statement, I should say, not a bill. Got the actual bill from PPVI. 75 is due. Can you believe the new patient fee is $150? Insurance doesn’t pay for it at all. Insurance doesn’t usually pay for “fertility” stuff as this, even though it may be crucial to our health, as the PPVI people were saying it was.

They were all  very, very nice. But I wouldn’t advise college women to do it, unless they were rich or had no money worries at all. I’m going to just grin and bear it…so far it’s been working all right. I lost about 10 lbs so far, and kept it off (with fluctuation, but nothing too scarily high like before).

So, yeah, I’m not doing anything anymore. I’m sick of spending money and doctor visits and such just for them to say “wait and see” “wait until you have a baby, then it’ll be normal” and stuff like that.

Learn from me. Be careful before you decide to do this. It’s worth it if you must have some sense of control over your cycles, yet you want to be off the pill. But it’s not worth the money. You’ll survive.

(Disclaimer here: this is in no way meant to be a dr advice or anything like that, so I won’t get sued, so don’t go blaming me for your problems, this is all mine and my decision only.)


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