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Mandatory tear-jerkers…and not June 26, 2007

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I watched Bridge to Terabithia a couple of nights ago, and I cried from the time of Leslie’s death on past the credits. I should have known. It was an award winning book, with a sticker on the cover and everything.

Book law #1: In all books with an award sticker on the front, somebody’s going to die. Corollary #1: In all award-winning dog books, the dog is a goner.

Cases in point: Lassie, Old Yeller, A Dog Called Kitty, Tale of Two Cities, Lord of the Rings, Steel Magnolias, etc etc. Even the age-old story of Jesus ends with His death! I’m sure you can think of more “good” books that you just wonder…what makes them so great? True, we live only to die, whether sooner or later. But why concentrate on death? Can’t we just enjoy the journey of life?

Yikes…if good books are to become great, somebody dear must die. What does that mean for Harry Potter? Uh oh…I’m going to have a box of tissues with me….

Want more proof? Read “No More Dead Dogs” by Gordon Korman.

And feel free to post more “great” and sad books and movies…I want to know which ones to avoid! And which ones are mandatory tear-jerkers…Bridge to Terabithia is one of those mandatory ones, unfortunately 😦 *sobs*