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Harry Potter March 29, 2007

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I am soooooooooooo happy!!!!!!

Okay, excuse my poor English skills. Who can concentrate on english when we have little over a hundred days until HP7 book and HP5 movie! The cover is interesting, doesn’t show much, but the UK children’s version shows a little bit more, and looking at the UK adult version, I can reach the reasonble conclusion that the necklace Harry is wearing in the US version is a Slytherin heirloom. As for the new pictures from the movie, Luna obviously looks like Luna! I agree with Jo on that point. Harry’s hair is rather short, but still… I hope Neville gets a good share of the movie time, he’s going to be more important, I think. You can see the stuff over at

As for the ending of HP7, I’m of the opinion that Harry can’t die. In fact, that may very well be the reason why the book comes after the movie…if it were before, and if Harry died, then we’d be like, “Why should I see the movie? Harry’s just going to die. The magic’s gone! ” I know I would be like that. 🙂

You will find me at Borders at midnight in on a Friday night/Sat. morning in July wearing HP stuff, drinking caffinne, and jumping up and down like a crazed maniac of a HP fan. And you’ll find me Sunday, crying, because I just finished the last Harry Potter book. Ever! *cries*