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I had a dream last night… April 4, 2007

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that I was eating non-stop. It was a bad dream. First I ate breakfast, like I always have to do within an hour of waking up (otherwise I feel really sick), then somebody gave me a snack, then I was obligated to eat a huge lunch because it was an honors luncheon or something, and I kept thinking about how I’m going to gain 10 pounds.

I’m not quite sure why it was such a bad dream, except that I’m trying to eat healthy. Perhaps it was because of the high amount of sweets I consumed…let me explain. I’m trying to avoid large amounts of sugar because it makes me sick. I guess I might have hypoglycemia, but haven’t gone to the doctor about it. I have to eat regularly, like every 3 hours, otherwise my sugar gets too low, but if I eat too much sugar, like a can of pop or a serving of Peeps, then I get lightheaded, woozy, and generally “blah”. It’s a new shift, this “sensitivity” to sugar is only about two months old, and already I hate it. But at least I’m not a diabetic. Or overweight. My BMI is 23 point something.

And, as a college student, I’m trying to avoid gaining the “freshman 15”, which, so far, I’ve been sucessful with. But I thought I wasn’t obsessed about it. I mean, sure, I weigh myself every two weeks, but I didn’t think it was an obsession…until I had that dream last night. Maybe I’m obsessed with not being obsessed? Or perhaps I had this dream to discourage me from being pressured into eating by others? This second explanation may be the best one. I have a “friend” (see my last blog) who is definitely obese, and she still eats junk food and drinks pop like crazy. Perhaps I’m afraid of being like her.

Whatever the reason behind my dream, it is important to eat healthy and be healthy, especially since they’re now calling obesity an “epidemic”. Don’t be a statistic. I hope I never am.